High brightness High-quality 2 years warranty Aluminum Plastic T shape 80W led lamp E27/E40 led T bulb

MAQ LED bulb full series from 3W to 100w of shape A and T, to replace incandescent bulbs.

Product Description

MAQ LED bulb full series from 3W to 45w of shape A and T, to replace incandescent bulbs. With high luminous efficacy and astonishing lifespan, MAQ LEB bulb are widely used in global markets. We can supply you OEM/ODM solution with 11 years’ experience team ;stable quality control system , and excellent after-market service. 


-High luminous efficacy: 80-90 lm/w

-Constant-current LED driver inside, non-flickering

-Astonishing lifespan: 25,000 hours or 3 years

- Environmentally friendly

-Body: PBT Heat-conductive plastic-coated aluminum 
-Cover: optical PC with High light transmission

-Modularized structure allows SKD solution


Parameter and Model


85V-265V ac 50/60HZ

More model , more   specification available...


Applications: Home, office, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, etc.



Q1. Can we chose different color of LED bulb light?

A: Yes, we can supply with you three colors, white, warm, and yellow, from 3500k -6500k

Q2. What about the packing?

A: Neutral inner package +opp shrink+neutral carton

Q3. What is the voltage of LED bulb?

A: 85V-265V, with 50/60HZ, We have great engineer team can design the driver meet the market requirements.

Q4. What is the Anti-surge voltage of MAQ LED bulb lights.

A: 1000V-4000V, we can design according to your requirements


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