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MAQ LED panel lights are the perfect lighting solutions to replace outdated fluorescent troffer.

Product Description

Ceiling light is a lamp, installed in the interior of the room, because the upper part of the lamp is flat, installed close to the roof, like adsorption on the roof, so called ceiling lights, is a kind of indoor led lights.

MAQ LED panel lights are the perfect lighting solutions to replace outdated fluorescent troffer. These lights install seamlessly into ceilings easily. Since the LEDs are integrated into the light fixtures there's no need to replace the bulbs or ballasts, saving time and money on maintenance. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, MAQ LED lights are flicker-free and contain no harmful mercury.

Structure composition: The 12w led ceiling light is mainly composed of ceiling light housing, high diffusion lampshade, light source module and power supply.

Are you looking for a 12w led ceiling light? This kind of light is suitable for installation in the bathroom or bedroom of your home, etc. Besides, we also provide 18w and 24w ceiling lights, please contact us if you need them.

Lamps in the purchase should pay attention to some what?

First of all, it is recommended that you choose led lights, look at the material of the product, such as the light transmission of the mask, followed by the light source, you can use the book under the lamp test to see if it is bright and clear, you can also put the palm of your hand to the side of the light source test, if it is red, proving that the color rendering is good, blue or purple, the color temperature should be a little higher, this kind of advice do not get.


-DOB linear power solution with small size but high luminous efficiency.

-Light body Aluminum supply solid structure

-Optical lens on each LED to guarantee a uniform light distribution

-Built-in driver ensures both a higher safety and a real flatness

-No frame design brings bigger beam angle.

12W LED Ceiling Light

Parameter and Model


85V-265V ac 50/60HZ

More model, more specification available...


Applications: Home, shopping mall, restaurant, healthcare center etc.

12W LED Ceiling Light


Q1. What is the color temperature of this LED panel light?

A: We can supply with Warm White(3500k), Cool White(4500k), and Daylight (6500k)

Q2. How about the warranty of this LED panel light?

A: 3 years warranty, Long lasting up to 30000 hours lifespan.

Q3. Can we get sample from you?

A: Yes, we can supply free sample for you, just offer us your DHL (or other express) account.


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