LED A Bulb Light 5W B22 E27 energy saving lamp Manufacture

MAQ LED A bulb full series from 3W to 45w of shape A and T, to replace incandescent bulbs.

Product Description

LED A Bulb Light 5W

MAQ LED bulb full series from 3W to 45w of shape A and T, to replace incandescent bulbs. With high luminous efficacy and astonishing lifespan.

LED bulb lamp is a new type of energy-saving lamps to replace the traditional incandescent bulbs. With the rapid development of LED technology LED lighting is gradually becoming the new green lighting choice. LED in the light-emitting principle, energy saving, environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products.

5W LED bulb equivalent to how many watts of incandescent lamps?

At the current level, 5W LED bulb has about 500lm luminous flux. Roughly equivalent to the luminous flux of a 25W or 40W incandescent lamp.


-High luminous efficacy: 80-90 lm/w

-Constant-current LED driver inside, non-flickering

-Astonishing lifespan: 25,000 hours or 3 years

-Environmentally friendly

-Body: PBT Heat-conductive plastic-coated aluminum
-Cover: optical PC with High light transmission

-Modularized structure allows SKD solution

5W LED Bulb

Parameter and Model


85V-265V ac 50/60HZ

More model , more specification are available...


Applications: Home, office, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, shopping malls, buildings, courtyards, channels and roads, counters, parks and other small lighting occasions, can replace traditional incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps.

MAQ LEB bulb are widely used in global markets. We can supply you OEM/ODM solution with 11 years’ experience team; stable quality control system, and excellent after-market service.

5W LED Bulb


Q1. Can we chose different color of LED bulb light?

A: Yes, we can supply with you three colors, white, warm, and yellow, from 3500k -6500k

Q2. What about the packing?

A: Neutral inner package +opp shrink+neutral carton

Q3. What is the voltage of LED bulb?

A: 85V-265V, with 50/60HZ, We have great engineer team can design the driver meet the market requirements.

Q4. What is the Anti-surge voltage of MAQ LED bulb lights.

A: 1000V-4000V, we can design according to your requirements

5W LED Bulb Certificate

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