Residential and Study Lighting

Apr. 10, 2020

The high-quality lighting design of home and study can not only make the home environment more harmonious and warm, but also make children's eyes very relaxed. Weak light is one of the important reasons for myopia. Installing a large wattage incandescent lamp on a desk lamp has a large amount of heat; using a fluorescent tube energy-saving lamp has a large amount of heat and flashes, which is harmful to the eyes. Due to insufficient light intensity and large differences in light distribution, the eyes must be closer to the target in order to see the target, and carefully chase after it, so that the longer the time, the eye's refractive system will naturally change and myopia will occur. At the same wattage, the intensity of LED light is 10. Times that of incandescent light, and 2 to 3 times that of fluorescent light. LED light will be the best choice for learning lamps.

Residential and Study Lighting

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