Outdoor Lighting

Apr. 10, 2020


Outdoor lighting

Modern lighting technologies have gradually also conquered the night. Apart from decorative purposes, cleverly designed outdoor lighting ensures an increased sense of security especially in an urban setting: being able to clearly see what lies ahead gives employees and passers-by a good feeling especially in public spaces but also in the vicinity of stand-alone buildings.

Outdoor lighting for prestigious buildings has begun to emerge as a sustainable trend in recent years in particular. Apart from background and accent lighting of architectural details, well-planned lighting ensures an increased perception of safety and orientation especially in public spaces, such as marine, bus stops or public meeting places.


Guidance, safety, security

*Directed lighting aids orientation

*Lighting reveals hazard points, reduces accidents

*Earlier identification of individuals, vehicles, boundaries, and obstacles


*Precise planning avoids light pollution into the environment

Outdoor Lighting

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