Industrial Lighting

Apr. 10, 2020


Industrial lighting

Light can fulfill a wide range of different functions and purposes in industry. The wealth of applications stretches from illuminating entire assembly halls to lighting smaller units to production preparation through to rooms for product tests and quality assurance. Light can enhance productivity while at the same time significantly reducing your energy costs.

When you can see better and more clearly, you can also concentrate more effectively, eliminate errors and ultimately be more efficient. At the same time, it is important not to lose sight of the operating costs despite any potential optimization of productivity. MAQLED offers various innovative lighting solutions in this field of conflict, which satisfy both requirements individually in order to improve quality, productivity and safety.


Flexible solutions

*Individual consulting

*Extensive product portfolio for many different production environments

*Smart light management systems based on LED technology

*Luminaires with high luminous flux and homogeneous illumination improve production safety

Lower costs, higher efficiency

*Extremely low energy consumption

*Rapid payback

*Good illumination can boost productivity

*Durable quality: lighting models with IK08 improved impact resistance, IP65 protection against dust and water ingress

Industrial Lighting

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